Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Day 14: Reverb 10 - Appreciate

December 14Appreciate. What’s the one thing you have come to appreciate most in the past year? How do you express gratitude for it? (Author: Victoria Klein)

I'm guilty of taking most things for granted.  Who isn't?  I was originally going to post about appreciating my family and friends.  Although I do thorougly appreciate both, I read my best friend's response to this prompt on her blog, Living a Brighter Life, and since she wrote about friends and family (probably better than I can write it), I figured I should come up with something else.  Besides, there are plenty of things to appreciate, right?

In a weird way, this year, I've learned to appreciate my job.  I didn't say I learned to enjoy it, or even to like it a little.  Just to appreciate the fact that I have a well paying, fairly stable, job that has provided the money for everything we need and lots of things that we want. In a time when the poor economy has left many people in worse situations, we've managed to not only skate through, but also to take advantage of some unique opportunitiesAll because of my job.  

I wouldn't say I really show much of this appreciation.  Most of my conversations around my job are a more towards the negative side.  Also, I don't always stop to think about how great it is to have a job.  Like Nellie, at Wired, Witty, and Well Dressed, I've decided that "lucky" isn't the right term to justify my success.  I've earned my paycheck.  But I can admit that I'm fortunate. 

So, there it is, I appreciate my job.  Live it up, because that's probably the last time you will ever hear me say (or write) those words!

 Dilbert, by Scott Adams.  Courtesy of www.dilbert.com



  1. Wow! This one was a total shocker to me, but I guess you're right that a job needs to be appreciated. I should try to do more of that, but not on days like yesterday where things are sucking SO bad!

  2. So I am as always very behind on my blog writing and reading so I only saw this today....but oh my goodness I was surprised! Very true though that if we complain about the petty annoying job stuff we must have a lot to be grateful for!