Tuesday, April 27, 2010

White Rabbit

Last night, we were on our way home from the ranch where we keep our horse.  It's up in the hills in Milpitas, CA. As Rogér was driving the winding road, a white blob in the ditch caught my eye. "Rogér, it's a bunny!"  "Oh cute," he said.  "No, not like a rabbit bunny, a bunny bunny!  Like a pet bunny!  We have to stop and see if we can get him!"

Bunz in the moving box
There were two cars behind us, so we had to drive a ways until we could pull over and turn around.  We passed 5 more cars on the way back to the little guy.  There he was, still chewin on something.  I got out and got about this close to grab him and he started hopping away.  Here come 2 more cars.  I go for him again.  Another car, and another.  I let up a little cuz I would have DIED if he got hit because of me trying to "save" him!

He laid in my lap the whole way home, while Rogér and I debated how heck he ended up out here?! and what the heck we were going to do with him?! I'm guessing someone dumped him.  Could be wrong.  But seriously, how long would a little white bunny last out in the hills?   We had just given away our dog crate, so we had nothing to put him in.  Finally we found a (really small) moving box to make him a home for the night. 

Domino (our dog) was going crazy.  He thought we brought him home a tasty treat for being such a good boy!  Once everyone was settled, (except Domino.  He was hyped up all night whining and scratching at the door.  We got barely any sleep),  we realized that this poor little bunny had lost one of his eyes.  :(  Who dumps a one-eyed, white, domestic bunny on the side of the road to get picked at alive?!!! Come on people!!  There is a great humane society just down the street! 

Well, we couldn't keep him.  Wouldn't be fair to him or Domino.  So I took him to work today and luckily found a kindred spirit who had a place in her home for my little Bunz.  I hope he has a long happy life :)

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Our Amazing Wedding - May 24th 2009

I'm finally posting some of the great photos that our photographer and our friends took of our wedding!  I am so thrilled to share, as Rogér and I absolutely loved our wedding and we loooove reminiscing about the day we said "I do". Our location was the serene Mattole Camp, halfway between Petrolia (my hometown), CA and Honeydew, CA.


Saturday, April 24, 2010

Oh so exciting!

Today, Rogér and I are freaking out at the prospect of being homeowners!  We've been renting in a cute little neighborhood in San Jose for about 2 years.  We love, love, love the neighborhood and our awesome neighbors!  So I've been watching the house listings in our area for-like-EVER, and finally we found one on our street that fits the bill! EEEEEEEE!  (I know the chances of us actually getting it are slim, but hey, a girl can dream, right?)  Oh, but all that money that we have to fork over for the down payment....yikes!

Here's our little dream puff:  Needs a little love (and probably a new roof), but I think there's some potential here  :)

!!!SALE!!!! Reduced Prices by 50%!

I am clearing out my Etsy store, bloempot!  Lots of cute little trinkets and whatnots made entirely by me, out of polymer clay.  Go ahead and see what there is to see.  You might find something you like :)

Monday, April 19, 2010

Some new cards

So, I've been very very busy.  I spent last weekend celebrating my girlfriend, Karla's, bachelorette party in Guerneville, CA.  Such a cute little town!  It's very close to Healdsburg too, so there is plenty of wine tasting.  We stayed at the West Sonoma Inn.  The place was really great!  Plus the bride-to-be got a relaxing spa treatment :)  

But anyway, I wanted to share some new cards that I've just put in my Etsy store.  Here they are for your viewing pleasure!
Thanks a Bunch! by Bloem

Love Birds, by Bloem

Saturday, April 10, 2010