Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Happy Birthday Domino!

Today Domino is 3 years old! Domino is our Catalhoula, and might I add, pretty much the cutest dog ever (okay I'm a little biased).  

Rappy Ruffray Romino!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

6 Months & Counting!

Today was our 6 month anniversary! Wow, that came fast! Roger had a romantic dinner and evening planned, complete with a glass of Carmel Road chardonnay (the white we've enjoyed for years and served at our wedding), and re-reading our vows to each other.  It's funny how things work out perfectly.  I accidentally left my rings on the bathroom sink this morning.  Roger re-proposed with my engagement ring when I walked in the front door!  And he tied up our wedding bands in the little nest we used as a ring pillow....awwww, so sweet :)  I might argue that I have the best husband ever...swoon.

We also watched our wedding video, which was provided thanks to our friend Craig's mad videography skills ;)  AND....I have the wedding photographs (by Lisa Myers-Gonzales)!!! yay!! I can't wait to look at them!

My Best Friend's Wedding

November 7th 2009

My best friend, Jen, got married to Kris!!!  I'm so happy for therm. I couldn't believe how fast their big day came.  Jen was glowing and beautiful in her dress and Kris, her new husband, was all smiles.

Their wedding was flawless, thanks to some quick work behind the scenes (good job, Kristen!).  It was so much fun that I almost forgot I had to give a speech....and I got almost as emotional as Jen did when she gave one at my wedding. 

Weddings are such wonderful events.  How much better does it get than celebrating love with all of your close friends?

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

An Engagement Celebration for Karla & Chris October 24th, 2009

Our friends Chris and Karla wanted to throw a fun little engagement party get-together with their friends.  It was a casual party that was pulled together quickly with the help of Chris and Karla, and the bridesmaids, including moi :)  We had hosted the event at the Avalon at Cahill Park Apartments Clubhouse.  Relaxed atmosphere, simple dinner & appetizers; a well suited celebration of our friends' happiness.

Invitations by Bloem

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Volunteering for Thanksgiving

RogĂ©r and I thought we'd have fun this Thanksgiving holiday and volunteer our time to help provide others with a wholesome Thanksgiving meal.  We didn't expect it to be so hard to find someplace to welcome our free services!  We found a few websites that match you with the volunteer service that you'd like to provide. Some of these sites seemed like a great idea, but they didn't have as much as we hoped for.  The Salvation Army website points to  Here we found one of the places that we are trying to work with the week before Thanksgiving, the Mayfair Community Center Thanksgiving Dinner, for head injury victims and their families. We also checked with our friend's mom who works for the Chamber of Commerce.  She hears about a lot of goings on and turned out to be a great resource!  We are really looking forward to some of these events!! I'll keep ya posted on how it goes :)