Saturday, February 13, 2010

On My Work Bench: Paper Crowns: "Blusher" Mini Tiara

More tiaras where the first came from!  Still need to order some more materials to get the full size tiaras finished.  Right now, I'm loving making minis :)  This one will be in my etsy store soon!

Mini Tiara - Blusher

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Life on Hold

For once, everything in my life was working smoothly.  I can't credit improved time management skills, I think Roger and I had just gotten into a groove that really worked!  We were ready to take on a new commitment, volunteering at the new Humane Society of Silicon Valley.  Ronin and I were really progressing too.  I had just had a great ride, we even cantered.  When I got home, I checked my phone was from the ranch...apparently, five minutes after I left, Ronin kicked and got his legs stuck through the fencing. He was cut up a little. One cut probably could have used stitches, but we decided to take care of it ourselves (ha!). 

 When all our pets are happy and healthy, we forget how hard things are when they're not.  Well, I guess someone thought I needed a reminder.

That was three weeks ago, and since then, our lives have pretty much consisted of going to work, driving home, driving to the ranch, walking Ronin, cleaning, dressing his wound, driving home, and going to bed. The dog isn't getting enough exercise and the bird doesn't get out either. We've canceled dinners with friends, riding lessons, snow trips and just about everything fun. And what about that volunteering we were so excited to do? uh....maybe someday.  The good news is, Ronin is getting better, slowly but surely.  And that's the most important thing right now :)