Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Featuring a Reversible Hooter Hider Tutorial by Made by Lisa G

I don't have much time for my own arts & crafts right now, but my friend, Lisa G has been sewing all kinds of great gifts for me and other new moms, so I asked her to do a guest blog tutorial for one of her creations. 

She one-uped my request, and started a whole new blog, Made by Lisa G, to share her crafting "How To's".  Lisa is also a great photographer, so you can bet all of her tutorials are going to have great pics, which makes it SOOO much easier, don't ya think?

Here's a peek at the Reversible Hooter Hider Tutorial by Made by Lisa G  
{Go to her blog for all the details}

A Hooter Hider is a must have for modest moms who breastfeed. 

I use mine all the time!

Thanks Lisa!