Thursday, September 3, 2009

Starting from Scratch

I usually do things the hard way.  Like every craft junkie, I ogle the latest cutting, printing, pre-fabricated gadgets which make "homemade" so easy. But something stops me from jumping on board.  Okay the price for sure!  I mean who has extra cash in their back pocket to throw at template cartridges? That's not the only reason though.  

I had a humble upbringing in a small valley town of Northern California.  No department stores (barely a store at all), but what I did have was the beauty of nature all around me and a mother who could make anything from nothing.  We got our eggs from the chickens in the yard, our apples from the trees, our milk from the goats in the pen.  My mom taught me how to ride horses, play the violin, draw & paint, spin wool, crochet, stamp leather, weld, and make paper.  This lifestyle instilled in me a sense of responsibility for preservation of the crudely and truely handmade. 

I grew up and flew the coup as fast as possible, with my sights set on a faster paced world. In this world, bombarded by gazillions of mass produced designs, cool tools, and Martha Stewart, I couldn't help but dip my toes in a little. So here it is, my somewhere-in-the-middle....bloem. My creations. My inspiration. My journey.

enjoy :)

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