Monday, September 14, 2009

Making my own wedding invitations

My favorite part of wedding planning was making our invitations.  I started making the paper almost a year in advance!  I blended newspapers, dried veggie greens, flower petals, and whatever I could scrounge up into paper pulp slush and dipped my homemade paper screen in one by one.  I laid each piece carefully on a sheet of cotton fabric and let them dry in the sun.  How relaxing ... just me and my vat of paper pulp, out in the driveway on the warm days of summer.  It was pretty time consuming though, and I never got a lot of paper.  Oh well.

Since I couldn't make enough paper for the full invitation, I used store bought cardstock for the envelopes and the maps.  I was also a little uneasy about printing on my rugged handmade paper, so I chose to print on vellum and fasten it to my paper with a ribbon, and...voilà! 

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