Friday, September 4, 2009

The proposal - a little piece of this past year

I got the warnings in my email inbox a couple weeks ago; our wedding website, has expired!  We'll miss you wedding website!  Luckily I've salvaged our proposal story (as told by Rogér), here in my blog.  To hear all about how he popped the question, read on....

Sarah, I may be able to cover this subject best. Hi everyone, after lots of preparation the day (June 19th, 2008) went really well!

I knew that the weekend after moving into our new place we might both use a break after all the hard work and stress. My plans were to convince Sarah that we could get a great workout in a great environment in Garland Park. I love Garland park and suggest that everyone takes some time to enjoy it if on your next trip to Carmel. The park has a fantastic view of the entire valley and is super dog friendly. Oh yeah, let me get back to the proposal story.
I planned a great little hike to the top of Garland park for Sarah, Domino, and myself (Buddy wanted some alone time and stayed home). For some reason I remember it being an easier hike. Well I didn't expect to sweat as much as I did, but I think that I can chalk some of that up to nerves and carrying a full backpack. I knew that there was a fantastic view at the top, so I wanted a great setup to really set the mood and to make sure that I wouldn't chicken out. I had Dave Perryman, a longtime friend and groomsman, double check the location and, on the day, haul a roll-up wooden table, plus a whole backpack of extras. I really appreciate everything Dave. A stealth text message set Dave on his way. With a ten minute head start he was able to set up without ever being seen.
Typically there are very little people who make the 10 mile hike, especially on days as hot as this day was, so imagine my surprise when on the last few bends I heard voices. I knew I was near the top and practically dragged Sarah speedily past the group of six hoping that I had made enough ground to not have an audience, and not have them ruin the surprise.
At the top there was a fantastic view: a table with flowing white tablecloth, red rose petals, champagne, and my shaking hand holding an amazingly sparkly, HUGE, diamond ring.
I got down on one knee shakely and with a nervous and stuttering voice asked Sarah if she would marry me. She said "Yes!!!" (if she hadn't, it would have been a very long, uncomfortable hike back).
We enjoyed a light lunch of fresh fruit & berries, which in retrospect I probably should have made sure was at the top of the backpack and not at the bottom where I found them, and a wonderfully refreshing glass of bubbly.While cleaning up, Domino and I got stung by some bees; me on my arm and poor Dom on his nose :( Other that that little sidenote the hike and view was fantastic.

The day was not over and neither were my plans...

I had a pretty tight schedule and some great plans ahead. The next stop was the wonderfully relaxing hour and fifteen minute massage at the Esalen Lodge near Big Sur. Wait, I want to note that we did go back to my Dad's house and shower before that. The massage was amazing. We were together in a great little shack right on the edge of the sea cliff. The technique supposedly mimicked the motion of the ocean as if you were being massaged by the whitewash itself. We both really enjoyed ourselves. Did I mention that this place is totally clothing optional? It definitely added to the adventure. Esalen also has great and super relaxing natural hotsprings. The whole experience was very relaxing and rejuvenating.
To end this perfect day I had made a reservation at our most favorite restaurant in Monterey, aptly named Monterey's Fish House. Wow I can't say enough great stuff about this place. Everything they serve there is the best. Every dish is my favorite!

We ordered the crabcake for appetizer. Sarah ordered it to my surprise because she had a bad experience with crab when she was young. She told me that she would absolutely eat anything created at this restaurant. For dinner, Sarah had the Salmon grilled on an oak plank and I had a tomato pesto pasta with shrimp both dishes were complemented with a bottle of Carmel Road chardonnay and we finished the night with a tiramisu with spumoni ice cream.

What a great day!!!

But for all the planning my favorite parts where when I would catch Sarah looking down at her ring, break out in a big smile, and blush.

P.S. Sarah was watching me type the last bit and got a big smile on her face, blushed, and teared up a bit. She is a total sweetheart and I love her.
Awwww....What an amazing day.  I have such a great hubby :)

If you are ever in  the Carmel Valley area, Garland Park IS a great little hike. Esalen is not for the faint of heart, but a phenominal place of serenty if you are comfortable in your birthday suit. And last, but not least, the Monterey Fish House is de-lish!

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