Friday, November 12, 2010

Getting back to business

It's been hard to keep up with anything related to paper crafts, or any crafts lately.  But, I've been inspired to start working on some new invitation projects.  I'm trying to channel that inspiration and focus on getting a good inventory up so that I can post more regularly on Bloem on Etsy.  I'm also hoping to take my work to some farmers markets and maybe some art and wine festivals next year, when the weather starts to clear up again. 

Up until now, I've focused more on custom designs (invitations mostly) for individuals.  Now I'm beginning to build a stock of invites and announcements that are generic enough to be bought as is, but also unique and handmade, so you still feel like you're getting something special.  

I'm super excited to unveil some of my new designs soon! 


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