Thursday, September 30, 2010

My DIY Baby Shower Favors - Take 1

So I had a mental block for a loooong time over what favors to give at our upcoming baby shower. I even went shopping a couple weeks ago to get inspired and came back empty handed! But today, I gave it a second shot, and came up with an idea that I like.

I wanted to incorporate the mini wooden shoes (Rogér, my husband, is Dutch)that we didn't end up using at our wedding. I bought some "baby" ribbon, as well as some blue and some green ribbon at Michael's. I also bought a Sharpie Paint Pen (it's a pen with oil based paint!!)

Here's the results:

I'm thinking of adding a magnet to each shoe so guests can put them on their fridge.  Any opinions or suggestions??


  1. Thanks for the reassurement, Teresa! I figured the shoes are pretty useless as is. I guess it's my engineering side that wants them to be practical ;)

  2. Hi,

    I was wondering where you purchased the shoes? My Fiance is Dutch as well =)

  3. Hey, these DIY baby shower favors are amazing. Thanks a ton for the idea. Actually I am hosting baby shower for my sister and have just booked garden Chicago event space for that. So was looking for some easy favor ideas. I think this one will be just perfect.