Saturday, August 21, 2010

Oh yeah, I have a blog

Dreadfully sorry to all my devoted followers. I can be not-so-good at keeping up with things, which is why my dirty laundry gets piled so high it blocks out the sun, and why I forgot about my blog for, oh, 4 months or so. 

Well, anyway, do you remember the house we bought?  This one right here?  We moved in this July!'s a LOT of WORK! Here's some pics (more to come):

Tearing out the carpet revealed a hardwood floor!

Taking out the wall

And there it is!

 In the meantime, we hosted a little painting party, (where a handful of our friends came and helped us paint the interior walls), took a trip to the Netherlands to visit Roger's family, oh yeah, and did you notice anything about my belly in the first pic above?  We're PREGNANT!!!  

So much to talk about, but I'll save some for later posts.  Stay tuned for more !

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