Wednesday, October 14, 2009

What's New with Bloem

Well, I'm working on getting my own business up and running.  I'm not the most savvy business woman so I'm basically plowing forward one step at a time.  Here's where I'm at with that;  Got most of what I need as far as the name, next step...applying for a business and resale license.  I'm giving myself until the end of November for all of this.  Maybe it's the engineer (my real job) in me that makes me way overthink the entire process, but I get a little confused by what steps come first.  That's why I've tried to make use of the Chamber of Commerce (Campbell, CA) nand the County Clerk's Office. Also been to a couple SCORE seminars.  All of this is very helpful.  I also forget sometimes how helpul a phone call can be, especially when you are feeling overwhelmed by all the information on the internet.

On a more fun note, I took some time the other day to update my invitation portfolio.  It was fun to display the invitations that I've worked on :)

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